How to Play Gin Rummy Card Games

Gin rummy
Gin rummy How to play The number of rule intervenors
Two-person limitation
Cards used
52 sheets (except for joker)
Gin rummy made speediness main in ramie.
  • Corresponding card
Since any mark may be used, the same numbers are collected three sheets.
(Example 1; the heart 7, the diagram 7, the club 7, etc.)
(Example 2: The club 4, the diagram 4, the spade 4, etc.)
  • The sequence of a card of the same kind
The continuous card which unified the mark
(6, 7, 8, etc. of the same mark)
(A and K -- A to K cannot be connected like Q)
The score of cards
A = One point
J-Q-K = ten points each
Plain card Mark of = number as it is
How to play
The cards of ? remainder which distribute every one total きめます ? cards [ one / ten ] for parents and a child once by ? ジャンケン etc. are played for back The cards of 山札 from ? parents who consider it as 山札 The cards which are not needed after that which is taken one sheet an one-sheet すてます ? child takes one one of the cards which 山札 or parents just threw away -- its own cards -- one-sheet すてます? -- this is repeated in order and a role is made -- in ? gin rummy, a role is not opened to a place -- the score of cards detached from the role (refer to rule) of ? ten or less points If it becomes ?10 point or less to aim at, there is a right called knock? It is not necessary to certainly say.
Furthermore, a hand also reduces mark.
The conditions which say ? knock are times of making one's watch finish.
The person who did ? knock of says the mark which opened their own cards to the place and separated from the role? A partner also opens to the public at this time.
their own cards can be added and played in people's cards which ? knock played, and mark can be reduced? however -- the person who knocked is only public presentation -- いじくる -- things are not made? When adding and dividing, the totaling point (refer to rule) that the mutual role has not gathered is taken out -- it becomes a victory of the low person of ? mark -- if it is a tie, it becomes people's defeat at which it knocked? if -- everyone -- it becomes a draw, when it will not knock but 山札 will be the last two sheets

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